A Leading-Edge Approach

Using audio and video of jazz masters and contemporary artists, as well as facilitation and musical play, the half-day JLP seminar identifies core leadership strengths and builds on them to provide a group experience of creativity and fluid collaboration. Participants explore the challenges that impede individual excellence and team synergy as well as ways to overcome these obstacles through growth, learning, and consistent practice of fundamental principles and practices in action. 


Jazz Principles and Practices

• The blues as hopeful realism amidst change

Improvisation as individual voice communicating in an ensemble

• The ensemble mindset as the way to achieve group synergy and flow

• Swing as skillful flexibility allowing for grace under pressure of all tempos

• Antagonistic cooperation in hero’s journey to appreciate challenge and obstacles

• Distributed leadership through shared responsibility, accountability, and achievement

Deep Listening as tuning in to another with your whole self to connect and communicate

Multimedia video and audio presentations

• Audio and video highlights from jazz masters and contemporary artists

Group Dynamics

Participants engage in creative, sensory exercises to embody the principles to work and life


What Students Had to Say

"I like how the seminar was interactive, not only a lecture, and therefore engaged us in the class."

"I enjoyed the association between jazz and assessing your personal learning strengths and weaknesses."

"Applying deep listening to collaboration opened a new perspective to me. For improv and shared leadership, it was cool to see a direct link between those traits in jazz and working in a team."