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"Your audience was greatly impressed with the quality of your content, your valuable insights and especially your relevant takeaways.  All of us at HCI are very grateful for all the hard work and effort that went into making your address truly a great success!"

Shane York

Vice President, Events

Human Capital Institute

"I believe that JLP's method and use of jazz as an analogy, a metaphor, a technique for working together is broadly applicable to any type of leadership role where the success of the organization is dependent on effective teamwork."

Duane Hughes

former Managing Director
JPMorgan Chase


"At the JLP workshop, the metaphor of Jazz was an effective vehicle for demonstrating how everyone has shared ownership of a project as well as individual ownership of projects. For example, we considered: How does antagonistic cooperation help us make each other better?"

David Hubbard

VP & Deputy General Counsel at Verizon


"In my opinion, the JLP assessment allowed civilian personnel to become self-aware of their strengths and weaknesses and how that fits with a team or an organization. I think that was definitely eye-opening for most of the members."

Cruz Tapia

Director of Training
NYPD Office of Equity and Inclusion



"I can't tell you how much I have LOVED this session. The concepts really do relate so easily. Great information, presented SO well! I loved the listening, the collaboration between the two of you, and I loved that you put it on the level that even non-musicians would have to understand."

Barb M.

"Great session. Thank you for your amazing work. Love the way you use the power of jazz performance as an entry into leadership conversations and growth. Delightful and innovative!"

Sheila M.

"Absolutely brilliant and powerful presentation and workshop!"

Karen D.

I love how FUN-centered and creative this modality is. So cool and engaging - I can see this really making a difference for creative teams especially

Laura B.

"Love that you are bringing playfulness into business 🎵🙏"

Therese S.

"Thank you, Greg and Jewel for sharing this amazing perspective and framework for teamwork and leadership. In the flow for sure."

Liliana L.

"Remarkable how the collective excellence doesn’t erase the exceptional skills of each member."

Amel S.

"So enjoyable; so relaxing; and yet the learning is so powerful. Thank You both! Amazing!!!"

Anita A.

"A session with a difference. Thank you for being an inspiration and all the work you did pulling this together for us—sheer mastery."

Tesse A.

"Music as a unifier… So good for the soul and mindset to bring in the workplace. It was a session of fulfillment… Merci!"

Louise V.